Suomalais-afrikkalainen kulttuurikeskus ja taiteilijaresidenssi

Villa Karo



Maikki Salmivaara Personnel Day


The organisation of the Villa Karo consists of the executive director and the board of the association Villa Karo’s Friends in Finland; and the director of the cultural centre, the management and the staff in Benin.

Villa Karo is administered by Villa Karo’s Friends and the members of its board are:
Juha Vakkuri (chair) juha.vakkuri[a]
Maria Björnberg-Enckell (vice-chair)
Riku Aakala
Harry Helenius

Matti-Juhani Karila
Jouko Koskinen
Kirsti Lintonen
Katariina Timonen

Riikka Olin bookkeeper

In Finland, the executive director Linnea Olamo (linnea.olamo[a] and the association secretary Julia Autio (toimisto[a] are responsible of the activities related to Villa Karo in Finland.

The director in Africa is Kwassi Akpladokou. The management group in Africa consists of Kwassi; Alphonse Bodjrenou, the head of transport; Richard Tandjoma, the accountant; Georgette Bango, the responsible of the collections and exhibitions and the Finnish CIMO-trainee.

The rest of the staff responsible for the maintenance of the centre in Africa include Yvette Odjo, the cook; Agathe Béni, the housekeeper; the gardeners Papa Komlan Adanou and Edoh Kodjo Amoussou and the guards Aboubacar Boubé Amadou and Abdoullai Bourahima.


Executive director
Linnea Olamo
09-2783 898

Association secretary
Julia Autio

Chair of the board
Juha Vakkuri

Director of the cultural centre and the residency
Kwassi Akpladokou

Trainee / Finnish contact person
Hilla Kaipainen (autumn 2016)


The office: Villa Karo’s Friends
Annankatu 31-33 E 67, 00100 Helsinki
Tel: 09-2783 898
E-mail: toimisto[a]
The office is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm or as agreed otherwise.

Finnish-African cultural centre and residency Villa Karo
Centre culturel Finno-Africain Villa Karo
BP 61
République du Bénin
Tel: +22994203120 (Kwassi Akpladokou)
E-mail: villakarobenin[a] (Kwassi Akpladokou)

Opening hours of the cultural centre 

The library and the museum are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 9am to noon from September to June.

Film screenings every Friday at 8pm and concerts every first Saturday of the month at 9pm (excluding July and August).